Let’s Quit Smoking Canada!

lets quit smoking canada

I would like to start this blog with a post about some statistical information about smoking in Canada, as I feel it’s important to give an overview of what’s going on in our country in regards to this terribly addictive and unhealthy habit.

In Canada, cigarette smoking is the chief reason leading to premature death. The government of Canada has been pretty instrumental in making an effort to reduce the use of tobacco all across the country, but still it remains a major health concern.

According to the national survey of Canada, smoking had led to almost 21% of the deaths in Canada in the past decade. The majority of the patients suffering from lung cancer are either former or current smokers. In addition to this, it has also been researched that in comparison to other types of cancer, lung cancer has caused the maximum number of deaths.

Some Noteworthy National Survey Statistics Related To Cigarette Smoking In Canada:

  1. Approximately 4.2 million i.e. 14.6% of Canadians in 2013 were current smokers.
  2. Among this average rate of 14.6% smoker Canadians, a total of 10.9% of the smokers reported smoking daily whereas the other 3.8% were occasional smokers.
  3. The percentage included more males than females as the percentage of male smokers was 16.0% whereas the percentage of female smokers was 13.3%.
  4. Cigarette smoking was more prevalent in young adults aged 20-24 as the percentage of smokers aged 20-24 was 17.9% whereas the percentage of young adult smokers aged 25-34 was 18.5%.
  5. The daily smokers reported of smoking at an average of 13.9 cigarettes every day.
  6. All the Canadian provinces except British Columbia and Ontario were observed to have smoking rates above 14.6% – the average smoking rate in Canada.
  7. Among the Canadian youth in grade 6-9, 1.9% of the students in 2013 were current smokers with the least rates in grade 6, 0.9% in grade 7 and 4.2% in grade 9.
  8. Among the Canadian youth aged 15-19, 10.7% were current smokers with 4.6% from the age group of 15-16 and 18.5% among the 19 year olds.
  9. Each day almost 100 Canadians die due to smoking related illness.
  10. Every year, over 800 deaths of nonsmokers in Canada are caused by breathing in second hand smoke.
  11. Cigarette smoking is the cause of 30% cancer deaths in Canada.

The Federal Laws Related To Cigarette Smoking In Canada: In order to cut down the number of smokers across the country and to facilitate healthy environment for one and all, the federal government of Canada has passed two laws that directly address the use of tobacco products at federal level.

  1. The Tobacco Act: Under this act, the manufacturing, sale, labeling and promoting of all tobacco products are strictly governed and regulated by the Governor in council.
  2. Non Smokers Health Act: Under this act, smoking is restricted in public places under federal jurisdiction and in federally regulated workplaces.

The provinces have stepped further in curbing cigarette smoking and imposed rules such as bans on tobacco advertising on TV, radio and newspapers and banning of cigarette smoking at workplaces, restaurants and in vehicles carrying a child.

Some of the anti-tobacco organizations working for the Canadian Council for tobacco control are Centre for Tobacco Cessation, VicHealth Centre for Tobacco Control,  Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium,  Saskatchewan Coalition for Tobacco Reduction, Students Working Against Tobacco,  Ontario Tobacco Research Unit,  Non-Smokers’ Rights Association, Education – Bringing Youth Tobacco Truths and others.

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